The Literary Association ‘Trilce’ announces its inaugural Spanish Writing Competition for Young People “TRILCE”.


FIRST- All young people residing in Australia, who are between fifteen and nineteen years of age, may submit an original work, written in the Spanish language.  The work must not have been published, including on the internet, or received an award in other competitions. Participation is free.

SECOND- There is no restriction on the subject matter for the work; the author may participate with only one manuscript, signed with a pseudonym.

Creative works will be accepted in story, poetry, epistle, interviewor an entry in a personal diary.

In the case of poems, the meter and the rhyme will also be free.

All works will have a maximum of 2,000 words.

THIRD - The manuscripts must be written in WORD processor, font Times New Roman or similar, size 12, double spaced.

The works that do not comply with these rules will be excluded.

FOURTH- The submissions must be sent by email by means of an attachment to the address

In the subject of the message, you should only indicate the title of the work and the pseudonym of the author.

The attached file should indicate if it is a story, poetry, interview, epistle or an entry in a personal diary as well as the Title of the work.

In the same way, another emailshould be directed to the address: with an attached file in Word format, with the following information:
Title of the work;
Pseudonym, names and surnames of the author;
Identity document, (including proof of residence or Australian passport), place of birth, place of residence and telephones (landline or mobile) and e-mail address.
A summary of the author with biographical data of no more than 100 words.
The attached file with this information, as well as the subject of the message, should also be only the title of the work and the pseudonym. The jury will have the right to disqualify any submissions that do not comply with the stipulated in this Guidelines.

FIFTH - A member of the Literary Association ‘TRILCE’ will act as Coordinator of the writing contest and will be in charge of managing the material and the data provided by the authors in the two mentioned emails.

The jurors will not know the names of the participants during the selection process, these data will only be released after the decision.

Any doubt, difficulty or controversy in the reception of emails will be resolved by the coordinator.

SIXTH - The submissions will be open from the publication of these Guidelines. The deadline for the reception of work is July 31st2019. The works received after this date will not be admitted, unless an extension on the reception of the works had been decided by the board of the Literary Association ‘Trilce’. This decision would be announced publicly before the official deadline of the contest.

SEVENTH - The following Prizes are established:

First place 250 Australian Dollars and Diploma
Second place 150 Australian Dollars and Diploma
Third place 100 Australian Dollars and Diploma
Honorable mention Diploma

At the discretion of the jury, any of these prizes may be declared void.

The jury will issue its decision on September 27, 2019,which will be announced at the award ceremonyto be held at theCervantes Institutein Sydney.

All participants will be invited to attend the awards ceremony. The prizes will be awarded by a jury designated for that purpose.

EIGHTH - The voting members of the Jury will be people of recognized trajectory in literature and the teaching Spanish language designated by the Literary Association ‘TRILCE’. The members of the jury will remain secret until the moment of the decision and their decisions will be unappealable.

NINTH - Direct relatives of the members that belong to the entities that are the convenors of this literary contest, as well as the immediate relatives of the members of the jury, are excluded from participating in this contest.

TENTH - Participation in this competition signifies the acceptance of the Submission Guidelines that govern it.

Sydney, Australia May 31, 2019